The most helpful witness presented was the counsellor Madeleine De Little. And there is no merit in (the fathers) contention that she is biased against him. She has listened carefully to (the boy) and has developed a close bond with him. It is clear she genuinely likes him, and has tried to mediate between his parents. She was an impressive witness, who has more experience and training than many who prepare Section 15 reports for this court. She is child focused and gave clear explanations. She is soft spoken and carefully chooses her words. The quality of her work is exceptional. —-Ms. De Little clearly explained that an anxious child requires very clear boundaries which must be set and respected by both parents. To change a child’s behaviour requires gradual, sensitive , and slow progress. It’s a “push a little but not too far” process. (The father) however, lost confidence in her , because he was not getting what he wanted, and she was asking him to consider what (the boy) wanted.—-(The father’s) access to (the boy) will be as proposed by Counsellor DeLittle in her Access Report.
— The Honourable Judge M.C. Borowicz November 2006

(I only attend court if subpoenaed)

You may not remember me but I am ———‘s mom. You saw him ten years ago when we were having issues with him. I just wanted to let you know that he is now 13 and is turning into an absolutely wonderful kid. He is thoughtful, kind, helpful and is very involved in sports. In most sports he is on a rep team and he loves it. His schooling is good....he gets C+/B’s without even trying (I keep reminding him if he did try what would happen!).
He has no trouble making friends - and gets along with people (all types) very well.
Thank you for your work with him; I thought that you may wonder “Whatever happened to?.....
— January 2013
I would like to thank you for your workshop “Satir in the Sand tray” in the Czech Republic in the Summer. It was the best experience for my profession. The work with sand tray has been my dream since studies at the University. But I didn’t know how to do it. There isn’t any systematic training in psychotherapy which use sand tray. You showed me “how” and I’m excited with every new client (child or adult), who is coming to me and my sand tray therapy. I´m feeling that I need learn more or have some supervision. (I have a few questions:) ) In the spring I’m going to start training in the Satir model. But I’m not sure with it. I like classical Satir vision (an especially spiritual tinge), but I’d rather start systematic training in sand tray therapy using the Satir model.
— With best wishes Martina Czech Republic
I work as a family therapist with children and young people aged 3 - 26 in the Středisko výchovné péče (Center of Family Care in the Czech Republic. The centre is a school facility. The children come with various behaviour disorders, communication failures, relationship or school troubles and drug abuse. We work with whole families.

I have participated in the Sandtray workshop last year and have implemented the method in our center. The therapy is experiential and powerfull. It is also easy and open to most of our clients.
After the excellent experiences it went without saying that I have also taken part in the level II of the workshop this year. Madeleine de Little´s humanity, her knowledge, experience, teaching abilities, inner strength, humility and courage have an inspiration for my own work. I am already looking forward to the level III next year.
Many thanks and all my best wishes.
— Mgr. Věra Přidalová, Praha
Madeleine provided outstanding support and guidance for our 5 year old. Her approach made our anxious son instantly comfortable, to the point he eagerly looked forward to his next visit. Madeleine came out and greeted our son upon his arrival, she remembered key details about upcoming events in his life, and she got down on the floor and played with him during the sessions. Her genuine kindness and interest resulted in our son speaking freely and the counselling sessions progressing surprisingly quickly to a successful resolution. In addition to the assistance Madeleine gave our son, my husband and I found the advice she passed to us to be invaluable. Madeleine gave all three of us insight into our son’s anxiety and suggestions for how to confront the anxiety on a day-to-day basis. We were absolutely satisfied with the support we received from Madeleine and would highly recommend her skills to anyone with a young child struggling with anxiety.
— L. F.
How to put in words “something” that cannot be described? I am talking about a very strong experience that cannot be described by words. At least I cannot do it. It happened to me during the workshop “Sandtray Therapy.” This technique with easy messages brings strong experiences. It cannot be described it must be experienced. Long live the right hemisphere!
— Helena Průchová
I have met Madeleine de Little in Vancouver during a training. I work as a child psychiatrist and welcomed the suggestion that she comes with her technique to the Czech Republic.

Her first workshop took place in Prague in Summer 2011 and I was thrilled by the possibilities of the sandtray. I have been using it since with both children and adults. It is very effective with hurt clients who might find words dangerous. The great success of Madeleine´s workshop brought her back the following year when I was not able to come, too busy arranging our daughter’s wedding.

Madeleine has come to the Czech Republic for the eighth time in July 2019 This time I visited her workshop with husband and daughter, both of them therapists. Our mornings were given to the theoretical background. The images of children Madeleine works with were very inspirational. I was curious to learn how to use the sandtray when working with couples and families. In the afternoons Madeleine was demonstrating in front of the group and that was the most useful thing for me - to watch her working. I have volunteered one day not only because I needed the therapy but also because I like to learn through experiences from good teachers. Later we had an opportunity to practice in triads. It was nice to see colleagues getting better during the course of the workshop.

My expectations have been to learn from Madeleine, from colleagues, meet people and grow. All my expectations were met and I recall the workshop with pleasure. The very first day I returned to work I used sand tray with two families - and it worked! Nowadays my husband and I compete who will buy better toys.

I appreciate that Madeleine´s technique keeps the principles of Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy (TST). The images in the sand help to bring the problem to the surface and ease the change. The client’s right hemisphere is more engaged. The therapist is a guide interpreting what is going on in the right brain into the language of the left brain. I am fond of this alternative work in the TTS model.

I would like to thank John Banmen for his offer to facilitate Madeleine´s workshop in the Czech republic. Many thanks to Lenka Sagnerova for her zeal in preparing all the workshops.

I am grateful to Madeleine for her friendship, for being professional, truthful, sensitive and original. I am looking forward her ninth Czech workshop in 2020 given to supervisions and believe there will be a lot of case studies to supervise because Madeleine´s Czech followers are plentiful and enthusiastic.

Greetings to all Satir friends in Canada and other countries.
— MU Dr. Milada Radosová
We thank you for all your time and patience working through our family issues and teaching our child a valuable lesson in life. I really am relieved that we have guided her through knowing that it is okay to ask for help when things get rough. By putting names to emotions and toys to feelings under your watchful eye in your amazing cottage was truly what our family needed. You are a remarkable role model for us all. I appreciated the confidence you instilled in me on those rough “stuck in the truck” days. We all benefitted and built our confidence in our everyday family life.

We wish you well in your future and we will think of you fondly while we journey on.
— Client
Thank you for presenting your workshop on sandtray, today. I am so touched by your sincerity, passion, and eloquence, as you were presenting. Also, I was amazed how you used some language that Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy model uses, which was developed by Diana Fosha. She also incorporates Porges, Panksepp, Doidge, Siegel, Vanadloo, and Gendlin work, which you have mentioned through out your presentation. I think there are a lot of similarities between your theoretical work and hers which may also complement your research.
— Participant