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My name is Dr. Madeleine De Little and I have worked with children and adults for 35 years as a teacher, a community worker, a recreation leader, and counsellor. I have extensive training in counselling, play therapy and in particular sand tray therapy.

I designed and teach Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray to Satir Institutes and other organizations both locally in Canada and Internationally. 

I have written a book called "Where Words Can't Reach: Neuroscience and the Satir Model in the Sand Tray.2nd Edition" This book is intended for student and qualified counsellors and is translated into Mandarin, Thai and Czech.

I have completed my Ph.D in the personal growth of counsellors when learning the Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray. The findings showed the profound and lasting personal changes that happened for the participants.

I am currently the research chair of the Satir Institute of the Pacific and a faculty member of the Banmen Satir China Management Centre.

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, a Master Therapeutic Counsellor and a Registered Clinical Supervisor #2210.

I am embarking on a new project whereby I have a 13 week radio show on Voice America, called "Shedding light on your Dark Side". These are now out in podcast form and can be accessed on this website under “My Radio Show’

I have three beautiful grown up daughters and a wonderful life partner.

My passion is helping children and adults experience themselves free of their ways of coping like anger, shyness, bullying and depression.

I specialise in trauma and I now work primarily with adults. My Associates work specifically with children and teens.