Working With Adults

Along with working with children...

I also work with adults.

It is not the same as children playing but the principles of transformation are the same. Adults are able to make a picture using figurines about what they are experiencing both internally and externally. They are able to choose figurines which depict their own subjective experience and with questioning from me they are able to add, take away or move figurines to create a new way of being.

An example of this kind of work is with loss of a loved one,where nothing can be done about what happened. A client might put images of loneliness, fear, and even relief or guilt. Once these images are placed in the sand, the client can see them more objectively and be able to talk about each of the feelings. As the feeling are explored so then they are able to talk about how they feel about having those feelings. They begin to see their internal world differently and slowly they change the picture in the sand tray.

As the client looks at the images of their experience they gently change the picture to match the changing internal experience. They are able to explore the expectations others are having on them and those they have of themselves and others. I then ask them to make a picture of how they want to feel/be different and what needs to happen in order to get there. As this second picture is created the initial picture changes. The client will often experience a sense of hope and actually feel a sense of relief and peace. This process is trans formative and lasting because it is articulating experiences from the right brain and changes are made neurologically and subsequently physiologically.

I am a counsellor for Adults through Criminal Victims Assistance Program, and private clients.