I have been working with children and adults in a variety of ways for 35 years. I have had my private practice for approximately 20 years. I have been a counsellor in elementary schools since 1981 and am presently a counsellor in private practice and at a centre where children disclose abuse. Whilst I see mostly Children and Youth my oldest client has been 80 years old.

I work with children who have a variety of challenges. They range from behaviour difficulties to having experienced horrendous trauma. The essence of counselling is consistent with whatever your child brings to change their underlying feelings, thoughts, perceptions and expectations. I do not teach skills, I believe that all children have the potential to know what they want and need to make their lives better. I simply help the children to meet their own yearnings and make the changes that they desire. I am also available to work with you to work out any issues that arise in your family as a whole.

Method of Therapy
I use the “Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand tray” which is a model that I have developed  and I am being asked to teach around the world. The essence of the work I do is that we hold the emotions of our experiences in images in our right hemisphere of the brain and subsequently our body. By creating images or playing in the sand tray, these right brain experiences are externalized. With language added to the experiences by myself and the child, the experiences are integrated on both sides of the brain, new neural pathways are created and harmony and health are manifest.

Active Parent Participation
Support and resolution of your child’s concerns is usually facilitated by active parental participation, parents may also be encouraged to initiate changes in their parenting practices and or child/youth’s environment in order to support treatment success. It will be at my discretion to discontinue the service or your involvement if agreement cannot be reached regarding optimal levels of parenting participation /collaboration.