I have been working with children and adults in a variety of ways for 35 years. I have had my private practice for approximately 15 years.  I have been a counsellor in elementary schools since 1981 and am presently a counsellor in a high school. Whilst I see mostly Children and Youth my oldest client has been 80 years old.

I work with children who have a variety of challenges. They range from behaviour difficulties to having experienced horrendous trauma. I am particularly interested in working with children who have lots of  "What ifs". The essence of counselling is consistent with whatever your child brings to change their underlying feelings, thoughts, perceptions and expectations. I do not teach skills, I believe that all children know what they want and need to make their lives better. I simply help the children to meet their own yearnings and make the changes that they desire. I am also available to work with you to work out any issues that arise in your family as a whole.

 Working with adults

As my work is becoming very well known in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada, I am being approached by adults as well as children. Using the sand tray with adults is a privilege as it really helps them to see their world all at one time in time and space. They can create pictures of where they want to go and what is getting in the way. They can then develop goals to work towards their final picture so that they can feel fulfilled. 

The Playroom

This is a two-room cabin in the back of my garden. I would ask that you do not allow your child to run around in the garden. Please take care as you enter the magic of the garden-there are un-even surfaces. The playhouse does not have a washroom. You may use the bathroom in my house or make sure your child is comfortable before they come. The playhouse continues to evolve as I grow into it. Do not hesitate to share any ideas that you may have to make this a very special experience for your child.

Please note Madeleine De Little is not responsible or liable for any accident that may occur to you or your child whilst on the property of 23253 Francis Ave, Fort Langley.



Come into Fort Langley facing the mountains.

Turn right pass the Esso Station on to Francis Ave. The address is on Francis Avenue, (23253 Francis Avenue) but the playhouse is around the corner on Queen Street. Queen Street is the second street on the left on Francis Ave. Park at the driveway near the playhouse.  You will see the sign “Counselling for Children and Youth”. Walk along the path until you come to the Playroom.

Initial Meeting with Adults only

The purpose of this meeting is to gather as much information as possible from the adults raising the child. This will include looking at family dynamics, history of mental health in the family etc.  Any testing results/latest report card etc will be needed to be photocopied and brought to this interview. Permission to speak with other professionals will be given as well as my taking photographs of your child’s work. It will be in this meeting that together we will set treatment goals for your child.

Initial Assessment with Child

The first few sessions with your child will be mostly assessment, evolving into treatment.



Counselling is about change for your child and your family. Consistent attendance, adherence to treatment recommendations and follow through with homework assignments significantly enhances treatment outcomes.



Records are kept on your child until 21 years old. No information is released without your consent with the exceptions outlined below.

Limits of Confidentiality

  • If your youth demonstrates the capacity to provide consent for treatment they are entitled to the right of confidentiality.  In this case I am not to disclose confidential information to parents or others without the youths consent.

  • If your child discloses sexual, physical, emotional abuse from one of yourselves. I am bound to make a report to Ministry of Child and Family Development.

  • If your child is a danger to themselves or others I must notify someone who can protect them

  • When I need a professional consultation in which case your identity will remain confidential

  • If subpoenaed to court

Progress Review, Referrals and Ending

In counseling, it is your right at any time to:

  1. Have a review of your progress and of any of the topics in this form;

  2. Be provided with a referral to another counsellor or health professional;

  3. Withdraw consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, except where precluded by law;

  4. End the counselling relationship by so advising the counsellor;

  5. Access or obtain a copy of the information in your counselling records, subject to legal requirements.

  6. Your right of access to or to obtain a copy of your personal information continues after the end of the counselling relationship.

Waiting Room

This does not exist so please wait outside in your vehicle until your allotted time. I am usually on time so you can come in when it is your turn.  Usually I will come and meet you at your vehicle.


If you are private please pay each session, either by check or cash or 'e' transfer.   

The cost is $130 per session per person.  I am registered counsellor and covered by most Insurance companies in particular Greenshield. Criminal Victims Assistance Program, is  available . No doctor referral required.

No Show

You miss a session you pay for it.


Please feel free to write anything to me via email before the session.If you want to meet over the phone the rate is the same as a counselling session. 


Usually the session is on the hour and goes for 45-50 minutes.

Methods of Therapy

I use the “Neuroscience and Satir in the  Sand tray” which is a model that I have developed  and I am being asked to teach around the world. The essence of the work I do is that we hold the emotions of our experiences in our right hemisphere of the brain and subsequently our body. By creating images or playing, these right brain experiences are externalized. With language added to the experiences by myself and the child, the experiences are integrated on both sides of the brain, new neural pathways are created and harmony and health are manifest.

Active Parent Participation

Support and resolution of your child’s concerns is usually facilitated by active parental participation, parents may also be encouraged to institute changes in their parenting practices and or child/youth’s environment in order to support treatment success. It will be at my discretion to discontinue the service or your involvement if agreement cannot be reached regarding optimal levels of parenting participation /collaboration.


If you have any concerns about the treatment of your child it beholds you to arrange for a meeting with me to discuss the issues and we can work together to resolve them.  It is very important that you do not just pull your child from counselling when you feel that they no longer require it. Please do this via consultation with myself, as I do not automatically write to you each week via email. If you need to tell me how your child is doing please email me as I usually cannot spend time talking to you at the session. If you wish to know how the session went then you are responsible for contacting me.


I charge for any reports to be written.  No report is given over until payment is made in full. I only write reports on the views of the child. I do not make judgements on who should have custody of the child. I charge by the hour at my usual hourly rate for writing a report.

Court Appearances

If you subpoena me to court, you will be billed at my hourly rate.


If you are a family going through divorce or separation you may have a tendency to paint the other parent in a bad light. While this serves as a background for the level of stress on the child, treatment for your child does not benefit from on going blame and judgement of the other parent. I am the counsellor for your child not you.

 If you continue to focus on the actions of the other parent as opposed to the relationship between you and your children and the impact of the family experiences then you will be asked to pursue a counsellor of your own to help you deal with your feelings and/or I will ask that you discontinue your direct involvement with me.


If you have any questions or concerns about how B.C.'s Personal Information Protection Act or the counsellor's personal information policies and procedures, please ask