Why Therapists should come and train in Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray (NSST)

The Neuroscience and Satir is based in the most up to date recent neuroscience.

It also combines the work of Virginia Satir and the use of the Sand Tray.

This way of working is creative, imaginative and playful.

The reported results are profound and lasting change for clients.

We now know that most of our experiences are stored in unconscious

 images in the body.

Just talking to a therapist is not going to access these deeply sequestered  past experiences.

In Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray the client can access these past unconscious bodily based experiences  by using figurines placed in the sand tray which evoke these memories in the body.

Specifically NSST focuses on how we have kept safe.

We are Wired for Safety and our clients have lost a sense of safety for a variety of reasons and are either shut down or hypervigilant.

As a younger child  especially, we develop these ways of keeping safe within the family

The focus of NSST is on helping the client regain a healthy way of keeping safe.

Working in this way is not problem focused and instead looks at the positive intentions of our the behaviours that were needed at some point and become default behaviours that are not always useful.

They can become obstacles to healthy relationships with others either in school, with friends or in intimate partners and with parenting.

In the sand tray images of keeping safe emerge and then they can be looked at, accepted and even appreciated as to how they were needed at the time.

NSST will make a profound lasting transformational change for your clients.